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I am Harriet, living and teaching from Kings Heath, Birmingham. 

I'm curious, creative, bold, blunt and energetic.

I think yoga is the perfect mix of embodiment and spirituality, I really do love it. 

I also like history, specifically feminist art herstory, and religion has always had an allure for me.

I encourage students to explore their yoga practice in a light hearted but meaningful way.

What does that mean?

It means that life is gonna kick you down but we keep getting back up, together.

​I trained under Richard William George, Contemporary School of Yoga, and Carolyn Cowan, Kundalini Global. Since graduating in 2018 I've taught extensively across Birmingham. Clients have included I AM YOGI, Hotpod Yoga, Yoga-borne, Barefoot Yoga, NEC, Royal College of Paediatrics and Renegade Jiu Jitsu. I am also a teacher at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire as part of their Movement Faculty. 

My offerings include Kundalini Yoga Classes, Women's Circles and Workshops.

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This isn't hatha/vinyasa, this is not even traditional Kundalini Yoga, it's a modern manifestation, a reincarnation, it's Kundalini Global.

It's spiritual, energetic, calming, and everything in-between. It is almost guaranteed to create meaningful shifts in your life. 

Expect breathwork (Pranayama) combined with posture (Kriyas). You will pulse and rest through Kundalini Kriya's. Some of the Sets (sequences) are exquisitely soft, and some are more demanding. Each class is a unique journey, but the intention is always the same: to empower you.

I teach this practice in person at Pineapple Class. It's quite the experience, come try it out!

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Yoga for Women is a practice that acknowledges the female body.

It is a combination of some of the most powerful yoga teachings that I've experienced for women.

It has the power to both heal and strengthen your relationship with your own femininity, and with other women.

It promises a journey of embodied & intutitive movement, feminine spirituality, and exploration of Self.

I share these learnings at The Lunar Circle, a monthly Women's Circle based in Birmingham, UK. 



I teach hatha/vinyasa classes in the stunning I AM YOGI Cabin, Moseley Park. 

Come say hello:

Tuesday 18:15 

Wednesday 9:30

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