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Harriet Elizabeth is a yoga teacher who guides students into deeper connection with their body, mind and breath.

Harriet is friendly, approachable and loves to laugh. She encourages students to listen to their own body and let it be their guide.

She is certified to teach by Contemporary School of Yoga (RYT 250hr+) and specialises in Yoga for Women, qualified as a Well Womb Woman facilitator by Real Flow Yoga.

She is a registered teacher under Yoga Alliance Professionals.



Take the opportunity to slow down, move and breathe, in the comfort of your own home.

Harriet's online classes are all Live, which means you join with a community of yogis and follow the practice in real time.

 Just as in a physical class, she will demonstrate and help you make any adjustments to enhance your practice.

Harriet Elizabeth Yoga Online remains committed to delivering high quality classes, with interactive engagement and a strong sense of community.


Monday 8:00
Tuesday 9:30
Wednesday 8:00
Thursday 9:30

A 45 minute yoga class designed to start your day right. Enjoy a lighthearted approach to moving and get creative using household props.


Tuesday 19:00 

Thursday 19:00 

Light a candle, grab your duvet and pillows. This class will leave you deeply relaxed and restored.
Experience gentle, supported poses with an extended meditation.


'I have never done an online yoga class before but it was miles apart from following a video tutorial. Being able to practice in an interactive way with a familiar teacher... I cannot tell you how much better I feel.'

HEYoga Online Student

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat


 Yoga for Women is a space where women can feel safe enough to be vulnerable, and strong enough to shine.

It explores the female body, the phases of womanhood, and the spiritual significance of being a woman in our modern world. We celebrate womanhood, embrace sisterhood and connect to our womb and heart energy. 

Yoga for Women began when Harriet Elizabeth realised that something was missing from her yoga practice. Yoga classes would explore the body in detail, but stop when it came to the female anatomy. There was no mention of boobs, wombs, ovaries, cervix or female health & sexuality. In her path to becoming more whole, she realised that the feminine was the missing link. In Yoga for Women she shares her learnings and invites you to share yours. 

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