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I am Harriet, living and teaching from Kings Heath, Birmingham. 

Yoga is my passion. In its simplest form it is a union of breath, movement and mindfulness. My teachings are centred in these three pillars, with a sprinkling of curiosity and creativity to learn more. I hold space gently and encourage students to explore their practice in a light hearted but meaningful way.

​I trained at Contemporary School of Yoga under Richard William George, and continue to develop under his tutelage. Since graduating in 2018 I have taught extensively across Birmingham, some of my clients have included I AM YOGI, Hotpod Yoga, Yogaborne, Barefoot Yoga, NEC, ICC, BPN Architects, Royal College of Paediatrics and Renegade Jiu Jitsu. I am also a teacher at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire as part of their Movement Faculty. 

My offerings include Yoga Classes, Women's Circles and Reflexology treatment. You can find out more about each of these here on my website.


Yoga for Women Testimonial:

"I started to notice I could be more gentle with myself and I no longer felt ashamed or embarrassed about my body. I feel I am more at peace with the feminine side of me and I am learning to love all that my body is and all it has been through"

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Yoga for Women began when I realised that my yoga practice was missing a vital component: my female body.

This led me on a journey of discovering yoga practices that have the power to both heal and strengthen my relationship with my own femininity, and also with other women. This journey took me deeper into learning about the Divine Feminine, revealing a world of feminine spirituality, goddesses, myth and story telling. 

I share these learnings in Women's Circles where we explore movement, meditation, ceremony, art & story telling. 

In sharing this work, my hope is that we will remember:

The Female Body as Beautiful, Mysterious and Rhythmic. 

Sisterhood as a Healing Power.

The Divine as Feminine.


Harriet Elizabeth Yoga Testimonial:

" Harriet's classes demand physical and mental focus but are at the same time serene and calm.
She makes you aware of your body and it's connections, bringing out the value of yoga 
for mind and body alike"



Classes & Workshops

If you would like to join me for a one hour mixed yoga class I currently teach at the following studios:

I AM YOGI, Moseley Park

Yogaborne, Stirchley

Hotpod Bromsgrove, Alvechurch

I also teach Yoga outdoors and lead specialised workshops. If you want to be kept informed on any new classes and workshops send me an email, and you will be added to the mailing list. 

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Reflexology Client Testimonial:

'Wow... what an experience! I came to Harriet for Reflexology to help with my problematic sleep. She was knowledgeable and intuitive. It was wonderfully releasing, deeply relaxing and I slept so much better!'



If you have ever been to one of my yoga classes, you will know that I hold a special place for feet! In my pursuit of wanting to learn more about our oft neglected tootsies I have trained as a Reflexologist.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine. It is believed that pressure points in the feet correspond with body parts. By stimulating these points in the feet, a reflexologist helps to unblock qi (energy) and encourage its healthy flow through the body. Studies have shown it is an effective treatment for stress, anxiety and PMS.

I am now taking bookings for mobile visits in the South Bham area. 

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