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Beltane blessings & seggsy data cleanses

Beltane Blessings you beaut!


I am doing a wee data cleanse as let's be honest, inbox spam is not seggsy. 

So if you want to receive my blog posts as a monthly email:


What's coming up that you might want to know about?

🪶 A secret new project

🪶 Kundalini online

🪶 Circle Online

🪶 Virtual book clubs

🪶 Birmingham, UK, based yoga

Things to do on Beltane:

Go out looking for flowers in nature, and pause for a moment to read the below poem/prayer.


 by Molly Remer:


Take time to settle inward

into this time

of burgeoning and ripening

where you sense

the seed dreams

you carried so bravely

out of cave time

and into the sun,

have now rooted deeply,

have found the nourishment

they need to thrive

and are stretching open,

reaching brave hearts to the sky.

Take time to savour them,

these creative visions,

brave prayers,

and wild wishes

that you planted in darkness,

now in bloom.


The Online Lunar Circle is coming up on Sunday 19th May - tix here

Pineapple May bundle - tix here


If this is where we part ways, thank you for sharing a part of your journey with mine.


Love and mystery and peace,

 Harriet x


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