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Maidenhood, a canny lass

As we approach the Spring Equinox (and Persephone's return), my mind turns to the archetype of the Maiden. Persephone (my daughter's namesake) is oft times described solely as the Spring maiden, comfortably omitting the Underworld part.


Why the omission?


My guess would be because the agency it requires to run the Underworld, doesn't make the mouths of men smile. Yet upon her naming, women excitedly sent me fire 🔥 crown 👑 and skull 💀 emoji's aplenty. Perhaps it's because we all know deep down that the maiden's story isn't complete without her dark sister, revenge.


The fetishisation of innocence and the corruption of maidenhood is such a common trope I could let myself be drowned in concern for my daughter. But just as Demeter sought out fellow goddess Hecate, I look to art made by other women to light my path.


In Book Club I was overruled on book the bin went a book on depression, and out came Angela Carter's, 'Bloody Chamber', which tells the story of maidenhood over and over in differing ways. Carter exposes the darkest of corners and places agency back into the hands of the maiden... sometimes. Frightfully gothic & delicious!


This year, as I deepen my adherence to the Wheel of the Year, I've come to see that within the florals of Ostara there also lies the shadows of Samhain.


In the upcoming March Lunar Circle, we will hold space for our maiden selves and honour Ostara on the Spring Equilux, Sunday 17th March. If you haven't yet tried the Lunar Circle Online, I would heartily recommend, it is a gentle and supportive container within which to explore the Wheel and the many faces of womanhood. Tickets here.


Aries seasons now approaches (my own season), which feels a good time to return from maternity leave to start teaching Kundalini Global Yoga again. We kick off with an in person Easter Monday Pineapple Special! Tickets are now available here. KG is inimitably good at relighting inner fires. I hope to share its magic more widely online also, soon.


Just comment below if you have anything to share. A penny for your thoughts, as they say.


Love Harriet x


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