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The horned ram

Last month I talked about the Maiden archetype, and her propensity to be fetishized, commodified, even exploited. A passivity and innocence…an unsuredness that can lead her to follow paths laid out with traps. 


But now the equinox has passed, and Beltane is on the horizon, I feel a shift has occurred. The horned ram of Aries has arrived and she bulldozes her way into the astro new year, demanding that you reposition yourself into the centre of your own life. 


What do you want?

What’s in it for you?

Why are you not just doing what you want?


As an Aries, I know that these questions make many baulk. Especially women. It has taken me a long time to understand that my natural inclinations, (e.g. knowing my own wants, needs and boundaries) goes against the grain of the mythology that women are inherently self sacrificing. 


But let’s go back to the maiden. There is an alternative view out there of this archetype and of the word ‘virgin’. Many believe virgin once meant ‘whole’, i.e. beholden to nobody but herself. Think of the goddess Artemis; she runs through the woods, hunting with her pack of cubs, shooting her arrows, competing with her twin brother and answering to noone. Do you remember that feeling of being out playing all day and only coming home when it got dark? I recall hanging out with local lads, arming ourselves with BB guns and investigating an old overgrown ruin of a house.

This maiden is in many ways the epitome of freedom to me; fearless and adventurous.


This April, I encourage you to consider where in your life you could exercise a little more Artemis, even if it risks rocking the apple cart. You are invited to explore her in more depth at the online Lunar Circle in April 


If you want to activate some of your own inner fire, Kundalini is 100% the ticket. In person Pineapple classes have started up again, every Monday evening. April Bundle ticket here or weekly drop in here.


I hope to see some of you soon.


Love Harriet x


Maria Sibylla Merian: Ananas [Pineapple with Cockroaches - Ananas mit Schaben].

Engraving of a pineapple plant with cockroaches. Printed between 1705-71.

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