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the Priestess in me

Hello friend,

there is so much to say I fear I'll say nothing at all!


I'm 15 weeks post partum and utterly relieved to no longer be pregnant. Persephone, my daughter, is breathtakingly glorious, and just this morning we dozed together, sharing my pillow, which felt like I'd unlocked some new level in heaven. That's not to say there aren't lows, but I feel the internet has already got that genre covered.


Motherhood has coincided with me stepping up to train as a Priestess. I doubt it's a coincidence. It doesn't mean anything will necessarily change on the outside, (I plan to continue teaching Kundalini yoga and guiding the Lunar Circle), but on the inside, I feel a call to step up.


I would be lying if I didn't say I was concerned about the society we find ourselves living in - 2024 is so radically different from just a few years ago, the rapidity of the changes are dizzying and in the past I would run and hide from a world that I felt I had no control over. But now, with the unavoidable responsibility that motherhood brings, I need to practice what I preach and role model that I have the ability to make a difference, every day.


In that vein, I questioned myself a lot about walking the Priestess path... am I promoting spiritual practices that ultimately create escapism from the world, as opposed to being engaged in it? We know that cults will often emerge when the world feels at its most unstable. Humans really need anchors in the storm, and where there is a need... there is scope for exploitation.


But as I walk the path myself, the truth is that rather than escape, it actually grounds me in the reality that is the changing seasons, the rise and fall of the sun and the cyclical nature of the moon. Likewise the Divine Feminine empowers me to proudly and loudly use my voice to question the injustices and hypocrisy found at the heart of a very real patriarchy .


There is power in me admitting (to myself) that I'm never going to be a rural witch, casting spells, weaving crafts, gathering plants and flowers, being one with the animals. I'm just not that woman. I'm a double fire sign, fuelled by ideas and action. I'm excited by people, I gather people, I encourage the cross pollination of ideas. If I'm a spiritual conduit of anything, it's the energy that reminds each person they also have the power to make a difference. A city witch perhaps?


In keeping with my current drive to analyse society (and desire to change what is in my power to), I'd like to bring back (Lunatic) Book Club. It is one memory of lockdown that I'm actually quite fond of. 'Lost Connections' about depression by Johann Hari has sparked my interest lately. Are you interested? I'm imagining it online, a Saturday morning 10am ish - for 6 weeks? Reply to this email and I'll pop you in on the email list!


I'm also bringing back the Lunar Circle next week with a soft relaunch online. Pls Goddess let her have a good run!!!! I'm proud that she is actually over 4 years old and refuses to die. Tickets for it are below.


Kundalini will also be coming back in person in the next month or two... watch this space.


May you know your gifts and use them however you damn well please.


Love Harriet

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